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Find the right necklace and avoid costly mistakes at the check out bin

Posted on 24 May 2014

Finding the right necklace isn't just about the sparkles, you need to make sure your necklaces are the right length. Often times, shoppers become frustrated with trying to find the right answer while spending more money than necessary. End your search for the answer and avoid costly mistakes at the check out bin.
Follow these simple tips for identifying your ideal placement points and you'll be set for online necklace shopping bliss.
Required Items:
  1. Tape Measure
  2. Mirror
  1. Stand in front of a mirror with tape measure.
  2. Place the end of the tape measure and position it at the top of your forehead near your hairline.
  3. Let the tape measure fall to the base of your chin. (note the number)
  4. Place the top of the tape measurement at the base of your chin and let it fall. Locate the place on the tape measure corresponds to the first measurement number (see step 3). This is your primary placement point.
  5. Keep the tape measure where it is and find the number that corresponds to 1/2 of your first number. This is your secondary placement point.
These two placement points represent the area where your necklaces should fall. This applies to layered necklaces, single or double-strand. Remember these two numbers and empower yourself with the correct necklace length selection every time.



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