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Random Tips About Brooches

Posted on 12 December 2014

 Random Tips About Brooches

  • Smaller brooches for lighter, more delicate fabrics, and Larger brooches for heavier, thicker fabrics.

  • Wherever possible, wear you're brooch so the pin is completely vertical, to reduce snagging and weight on your clothing. If it's not possible, angle the pin so that the top is leaning out towards your shoulder and the bottom is in towards your heart.

  • For placement press one hand horizontally right underneath your collarbone. You're brooch should be placed no lower than your pinkie finger.

  • Brooches are like any other piece of jewelry, more formal pieces tend to be made of precious and semi-precious stones and metals like gold and silver. They might be colorful or neutral colored. Informal pieces are more trend focused and incorporate a wider range of materials like wood, plastic, feathers, and zany prints and colors.

  • Brooches can be a focal point in a neutral outfit, or a neutral point in a bright outfit. In a sharp outfit, keep your brooch angular. In a more casual outfit, rounder shapes like petals or circles can work well. Like with any other piece of jewelry, make sure you wear your brooch, and it's not wearing you.

  • So, how to wear them without pulling the fabric they’re pinned to? Just attach a cotton pad inside your garment. It creates a clean look with even the heaviest of brooches, and protects your clothes from pulls or tears.



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