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Saphiret Glass Jewelry

Posted on 04 January 2015


Saphiret is an early glass used in jewelry making and was made during the late 1800's to mid 1900's. It was made in various countries, including Czechoslovakia and Germany.

The glass was made by adding real gold to sapphire colored molten glass. This created an amazing color combination. The base color ranged from a mocha or pinkish brown to a brick red color, but the amazing part is when light strikes the stone, the glass reflects the light as a soft blue glow. The stone is opaque to semi-opaque.


The rarity of the stone comes from the use of gold in the making of saphiret. Using gold eventually became too expensive to manufacture, stopping the making of the stone. This is one of the main reasons saphiret is so desirable to collect today as there is limited amount in circulation.

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